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Intel quietly adds Celeron 1019Y CPU

by on08 April 2013

Fifth ULV Ivy Bridge CPU

Intel has quietly added yet another Ivy Bridge ULV CPU, the Celeron 1019Y. Fixed at 13W TDP or lower, the line ranges from the dual-core Core i7-CPU clocked at 1.5GHz all the way down to the new Celeron 1019Y CPU.

Detailed earlier in February this year, the Celeron 1019Y is a dual-core Ivy Bridge based CPU with 2MB of L3 cache, integrated HD graphics and a 10W TDP. It lacks Hyperthreading or Intel Turbo Boost and works at 1GHz, while the GPU part runs at 350MHz (800MHz turbo).

The new Celeron can also operate with a 7W TDP, most likely at reduced frequencies. The official launch price of the Celeron 1019Y is US $153.


Last modified on 09 April 2013
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