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Haswell pricing revealed by US, EU retailers

by on25 March 2013

A bit pricier than Ivy

The first desktop Haswell parts are coming in June, but some retailers have already jumped the gun with a bunch early listings.

Although the listings can give us an idea of what to expect in terms of pricing, it is worth noting that they can be rather unreliable as well. Still, the prices seem realistic and according to a list compiled by CPU World, Haswells will end up a bit more expensive than their Ivy Bridge based predecessors.

The Core i5-4430 will be the cheapest part, priced at $197 and it will be no more expensive than its predecessor, the Core i5-3330. However, some chips, such as the Core i5-4670 and Core i5-4670K will be 13 and 10 percent more expensive than their Ivy-based siblings. The priciest part is the Core i7-4770K, at $368. Five other parts are listed and they are 4 to 9 percent more expensive than previous generation chips.

All in all it doesn’t look bad and we believe launch prices will be even closer to Ivy Bridge prices, but we can’t be sure until Intel officially launches the first batch of Haswell chips.

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