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Pentium Haswell starts at $64

by on19 February 2013

As of Q3 2013

Intel has recently upgraded some of the Pentium processors from Sandy Bridge to Ivy Bridge and it seems that Haswell Pentium transition will come about faster than with any previous generation.

In Q4 2012, in the Legacy 1 tier, the most affordable Pentium was the G645 a 65W, 2.9GHz clocked dual core Sandy Bridge. In Q1 2013 this one got replaced by Pentium G2020, an Ivy Bridge 55W TDP dual core and already in Q3 2013 it will get replaced by a Haswell Pentium.

The Legacy 1 market is ruled by the G2020, Legacy 2 is taken care of by the G2120 and Legacy 3 has the G2130, which will be replaced with Haswell version of Pentium processors. At this time we don’t have the clocks of these processors but we do know that L1 market starts from $64, L2 market for boxed Pentiums is at $75 for tray and $82, while L3 market wants $86 for tray and $93 for boxed parts.

This is the transition guide for Haswell in 2013 and many will notice that the transition is much faster than before.

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