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Richland clocks leaked

by on30 January 2013

Flagship hits 4.4GHz on turbo

Richland specs have been leaking for weeks and now it seems we finally have the final piece of the puzzle, clock speeds.

According to VR-Zone China, the flagship A10-6800K will be clocked at 4.1/4.4GHz, while its HD 8670D GPU ends up clocked at 844MHz. The A10-6700 is clocked at 3.7/4.3GHz and it has the identical GPU clock. For comparison, the current generation Trinity-based A10-5800K is stock clocked at 3.8GHz.

The A8-6600K and A8-A6500 are clocked at 3.9/4.2GHz and 3.5/4.1GHz respectively. Moving along to dual-cores, the A6-6400K runs at 3.9/4.1GHz, with HD 8470D graphics clocked at 800MHz. The A4-6300 ends up clocked at 3.7/3.9GHz and its HD 8370D graphics core is clocked at 760MHz.

Basically we are looking at a pretty nice clock bump compared to Trinity chips. What’s more, AMD managed to keep Richland TDPs at comparable levels, in spite of the fact that it relies on the same 32nm process.

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