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Haswell H line goes up to 57W

by on21 January 2013

Quad-core notebooks

Intel has started dividing its mobile market segments into processors lines, where the Y processor line goes up to 11.5W TDP, U line covers chips in the 15W to 25W range, while the M line covers 37W, 47W as well as 57W TDP space, with two to four cores and graphics up to GT2.

The high performance H processor line is yet another BGA package processor line that also aims for 37W, 47W and 57W TDPs, with quad-core processors and up to GT3 graphics with on-package cache memory.

Intel expects that high performing gaming and workstation PCs will go use these processors and they fit some thick clamshell designs, no Ultrabooks with 57W unless you would want to use one for welding.

Intel currently doesn't detail the processor number and the number of SKUs but it is obvious that they will end up with quad-core Core i7 branding for QC1+ and QC2+ market segments.

The H processor line should show its face in Q3 2013 in BGA only, with 22nm Haswell core and GT3 graphics, exclusively. It becomes clear that M-line that will carry the usual quad-core cores and will end up with slower GT2 graphics, while H-series parts will dominate offer more performance and speedier graphics. Not that integrated graphics matter than much in this market segment, as high-end parts are usually coupled with discrete graphics.

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