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Intel's Core i7-3537U CPU detailed

by on03 January 2013

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In addition to the rest of the ULV lineup

We already wrote about Intel's plans to refresh its ultra low power lineup during this quarter. The currently available Core i3-3217U, Core i5-3317U, Core i5-3427U and the i7-3667U will get replaced with Core i3-3227U, i5-3337U, i5-3437U and the Core i7-3687U. In addition to these four, the Core i7-3537U has also briefly appeared as a new CPU on Intel's Korean/Taiwanese website.

Although already removed, Google cache and managed to get some details on the new Core i7-3537U. The refresh is brings a 100MHz clock bump when compared to previous models.

The new Core i7-3537U comes in a BGA package, works at 3.1GHz and features 4MB of L3 cache. Some details leaked earlier by HP and Dell show that it will have a 2GHz base clock, and will feature HD 4000 graphics, support for DDR3-1600 memory and a 17W TDP. Although the rest of the features aren't detailed, the new Core i7-3537U should end up to be similar to the i7-3517U, so it will end up with two cores, hyper-threading support and most of Ivy Bridge technologies and extensions.

It is still not clear whether the Core i7-3537U will show up with the rest of the refresh lineup.

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