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Mobile Haswell lineup leaked

by on19 December 2012

Three speedy Core i7 parts

Intel’s next generation Haswell mobile processors are set to launch in Q2 2013 and thanks to a leak over at VR Zone China, we now have some specs, too.

The first three chips are coming in April and they promise to deliver exceptional performance. The fastest part is the Core i7-4930MX, a 57W quad-core clocked at 3GHz. Thanks to Turbo, the Core i7-4930MX can hit 3.9GHz in single core mode, or it can boost all four cores to 3.7GHz. It features 8MB of L3 cache, 4600-series graphics and Hyperthreading.

The Core i7-4900MQ and i7-4800MQ share a lot of features. Both are quad-cores with a 47W TDP and they pack the same 4600-series GPU, clocked at 400MHz to 1300MHz. The base clock of the i7-4900MQ is 2.8GHz and on Turbo it tops out at 3.8GHz in single core mode, or 3.6GHz in quad-core mode. Like the 4930MX, it too features 8MB of cache.

The i7-4800MQ features a base clock of 2.7GHz and it can hit 3.7GHz/3.5GHz in single- or quad-core Turbo. However, it has a bit less L3 cache, 6MB rather than 8MB.

All three chips support DDR3 and DDR3L memory up to 1600MHz and Hyperthreading.

Needless to say, the specs seem very impressive indeed, but they come at a price. The TDPs are relatively high and we won’t see them in thin and sleek notebooks. But they will be more than welcome in mobile workstations or gaming notebooks. If you're not into that sort of thing, low-voltage and mid-range Haswell parts are in the pipeline as well.

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