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Top Haswell desktop is Core i7 4770K

by on12 December 2012

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3.5GHz quad 84W TDP, unlocked

Haswell is Intel's highly anticipated next generation architecture, expected to launch in Q2 2013. VR Zone managed to get a hold of some processor models in numbers, shedding more light on the new chips.

Haswell will come in two and four core versions and TDPs ranging from 35W to 84W. The flagship is the Core i7 4770K and it was quite easy to guess that Haswell ends up with Core i 4000 name, since it is internally known as the fourth generation Core architecture.

The Core i7 4470K works at 3.5GHz and can turbo to 3.9GHz. It has 8MB of cache, four cores and eight threads. It officially supports maximum of DDR3 1600 and the K suffix suggests its an unlocked CPU. It comes with Intel HD 4600 graphics that run at 1250MHz and it is unclear whether there is a turbo clock for this new and well improved graphics core. The processor supports dual-channel memory controller and has an 84W TDP rating.

The current king of Intel's quad-core market, the Ivy Bridge based Core i7 3770K has a TDP of 77W, which is 7W lower than the new Haswell core. Bear in mind that Core i7 3770K has the same clock speeds as the Core i7 4770K Haswell, but as we heard before Haswell should come with much more powerful graphics compared to the previous 22nm generation.

The rest of the standard power lineup includes the Core i7 4770, with a 100MHz slowe clock and locked multiplier. It also carries the Core i5 4670K, a 3.4GHz to 3.8GHz clocked quad-core with four cores and four threads, 1200MHz clocked graphics and the same HD 4600 graphics core and 84W TDP.

Core i5 4670 is clocked the same as Core i5 4670K but it’s a locked version, while Core i5 4570 works at 3.2 to 3.6GHz and 1150MHz graphics. Core i5 4430 is the slowest of Haswell standard power cores and has a 3.0 to 3.2GHz clock, with 1100MHz graphics.

Intel also plans three S versions of the Haswell including Core i7 4770S with four cores and eight thread, Core i7 4670S, Core i5 4570S as well as 4430S, all quad cores with four treads, but their TDP will be under 65W. Intel doesn’t stop there, as it has four additional 35W to 45W desktop cores that will find its use in all-in-ones and small form factor PCs. The Core i7 5770T is 2.5 to 3.7GHz quad core with 4600 graphics at 1200MHz and still under 45W, which is rather impressive.

Core i7 4765T works between 2.0 and 3.0GHz and has 35W TDP despite its 4600 graphics with 1200 MHz clock. Core i5 4670T 2.3 to 3.3GHz quad core with four threads and four cores again at 45W and a single dual core called Core i5 4570Tclocked at 2.9GHz to 3.6 with 1150MHz graphics and all at 35W TDP.

The lineup looks impressive and you can get more details here

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