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Brazos 2.0 pushed to 2013

by on28 November 2012

E2 2000 and E1 1500

AMD has two Brazos replacement parts in its entry level market segment simply designated as E-series APUs.

The E2-2000 was supposed to launch in Q4 2012, but we have learned that this won’t be the case. The 1.7GHz dual core E2 1800 will remain the fastest in this segment, at least this year. The dual-core E2 2000 features, 18W TDP, 1.75GHz core clock, 1MB cache, HD7340 integrated Radeon graphics with 80 cores, clocked at 538MHz stock and 700MHz with boost.

This platform supports DDR3 1333 but unofficially it will work with other faster memory breeds. This processor supports AMD Turbo Core, but only for graphics as the CPU part already maxes out the 18W TDP.

This E2 2000 is only 50MHz faster than currently available E2 1800 and it represents a mild performance boost just to keep AMD floating until the next generation E series comes in 2013.

The second processor is simply called E1 1500 and it is meant to replace the E1 1200. The E1 1500 is again a dual-core, 18W TDP processor this time clocked at 1.48GHz, or 80MHz faster than E1 1200 and its graphics core works at 529MHz or 29MHz faster than the HD 7310 in E1 1200. Nothing to be excited about.

We still cannot figure AMD is holding these boys off, with such a marginal speed increase it should be easy to push new Brazos 2.0 processors to market.

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