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Almost 75 percent of AMD processor sales were APUs

by on19 November 2012


In Q3

It's been quite a while since AMD had anything particularly worth bragging about on the CPU front, but the latest sales figures show that Trinity desktop and mobile APUs mean business.

Mercury Research's latest report says that Trinity APUs make up for almost 75 percent of AMD's CPU sales. The report focuses on Q3 2013 and says low-end Bobcat chips were the most popular APU. 

In fact, as much as 39 percent of AMD's Q3 sales were Bobcat Zacate products. A-Series Trinity APUs made up for 26.1 while A-Series Llano made up for 7.4 percent. 

When it comes to the rest, AMD's non-APU processors sold slightly higher than 25 percent. Interestingly, the older K10/K10.5 architecture outsold Bulldozers by quite a margin, almost two times.

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