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Haswell 20 percent of market in 2H 13

by on09 November 2012

Sandy Bridge RIP

Intel has accelerated its plans to transition to the next generation 22nm Haswell core. It is supposed to launch in Q2 2013 from what we know and at this time it won’t storm much of the desktop market.

The current plans for desktop CPU transition state that in the first half of 2013 less than five percent of all Intel desktop processors shipped will have a Haswell core. Sandy Bridge E will remain fixed at its one to two percent, as it always was, while Ivy Bridge is destined to take some 75 percent of total processor shipped.

Atom remains fixed at less than 5 percent, while Sandy Bridge remains at slightly over than 10 percent. These are estimate numbers, of course. This is what Intel hopes and expects and sometimes it doesn’t live to its expectation.

The projection for the desktop mix in 2H 2013 looks rather interesting, as Sandy Bridge will remain with very small market share, well below Atom market share that stands fix at around 5 percent. According to the latest Intel plans Sandy Bridge should stay within one and two percent in 2H 2013 market share.

Ivy Bridge will decline to 60 to 65 percent while Haswell could occupy a massive 20 percent of market share in the second half of 2013. This is definitely a smaller ramp than with Ivy Bridge, that started with some less than five percent in first half of 2012, only to grow to 35 percent in second half of 2012.

Haswell won’t be able to grow that fast, and we remain curious about the cause. It might be that Haswell will have an aggressive role on the mobile front as with its 10 W TDP possibility it might end up quite attractive.

At this time, these are the desktop numbers and the mix that is expected for the latter part of 2013.

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