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AMD launches Opteron 6300 server processors

by on06 November 2012

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Up to 24 percent better performance

AMD has officially launched its new Opteron 6300 series CPU servers based on the Piledriver architecture. The new Opteron 6300 series will offer, according to AMD, up to 24 percent better performance in SPECjbb2005 server benchmark when compared to the Opteron 6200 series.

The 6300 series has up to 16 cores, depending on the SKU, and feature a total of 16MB of L3 cache. The series starts off with the quad-core Opteron 6308 CPU working at 3.5GHz with no Turbo and 4MB of L2 cache while the top part is the sixteen-core Opteron 6386 SE working at 2.8GHz with 3.5GHz Turbo, 16MB of L2 cache and a 140W TDP. The lineup also includes the Opteron 6366 HE 16-core CPU working at 1.8GHz with 3.1GHz Turbo, 16MB of L2 and 16MB of L3 cache, all at 85W TDP.

The entire lineup includes a total of ten SKUs, including one quad-, two eight- and two twelve-cores and five different sixteen-core CPUs. You can check out the full specs below. The new Opteron 6300 series is about 10 percent more expensive when compared to the 6200 series, but it is still questionable if the actual price increase can justify the performance increase.

AMD also plans to release Opteron 3300 series for single-processor and Opteron 4300 series for dual-processor workstations in December. Many partners include Tyan, Cray and Supermicro have already announced their own line of motherboards and servers for AMD's new Opteron 6300 series.

You can find more info here.

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