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AMD launches FirePro APUs

by on07 August 2012

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First ever workstation APU

In addition to a full lineup of AMD FirePro workstation graphics cards, AMD has also launched a new line of FirePro APUs targeting entry and mainstream level markets. The new A300 and A320 FirePro APUs are based on AMD's Trinity architecture and simply paired up special driver to give them some performance leverage in CAD and media and entertainment applications.

The new A300 series APUs, according to AMD, provide a perfect blend of CPU and GPU performance and deliver incredible performance for entry and mainstream workstation segments. Feature wise, the A300 series brings support for AMD Eyefinity technology, AMD's Turbo Core technology, support for horizontal display resolutions of up to 10,240x1600 pixels, support for Discrete Compute Offload that allows additional compute capability by pairing up a discrete AMD FirePro GPU in parallel with APU, 30-bit color support as well as dedicated UVD media encoding hardware.

For starters, AMD decided to roll out two AMD FirePro A300 series APUs that include 65W TDP AMD FirePro A300 and the 100W TDP FirePro A320. Both APUs feature four CPU cores, 4MB of L2 cache and 384 GPU Stream Processors. The A300 works at 3.4GHz base and 4GHz Turbo CPU clock while the GPU is set to work at 760MHz. The FirePro A320 on the other hand works at slightly higher 3.8GHz for base and 4.2GHz for Turbo CPU clock while the GPU is set at 800MHz. The A320, unlike the A300, is unlocked. The peak compute performance of AMD A300 series APUs is 736/184 GFLOPs of single and double precision compute performance for the A320 and 693/173 GFLOPs for the FirePro A300 APU.

The AMD FirePro A300 series APU comes as a direct response to Intel's Xeon E3 CPUs with professional graphics and according to AMD, offers much higher performance than Intel's HD Graphics P4000, more memory, higher number of supported displays and lower TDP.

AMD's FirePro A300 series APUs are paired up with, what AMD now calls, Catalyst Pro software, or special driver that enables application performance and compatibility with ISV-certified software and optimized performance for CAD and M&E applications.

According to AMD, the FirePro A300 series APUs will be available in various systems from a number of workstation integrators as of August 2012.

You can check out more info here.

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