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Atom D2700 reaches end of life

by on02 August 2012

Intel officially kills off fastest Atom

Back in march we mentioned that Intel plans to kill its 13W Atom D2700 in Q3 2012. You can find the original piece here.

Intel has obviously decided that there is simply not enough room for a 2.13GHz clocked dual-core Atom and the Atom D2550 will take over as the fastest Atom processor, clocked at 1.86GHz clock. This processor will have to deal with Windows 8 and should last until it gets replaced with next generation Atom, probably a 22nm part codenamed Valley View.

The D2550 supports four treads while its predecessor Atom D2500 has the same 1.86GHz clock, same 1MB cache, same 10W TDP, but it has 400MHz graphics instead of 640MHz on the D2550.

The D2550 also supports Blu-Ray 2.0 that for some reason plays a big role for Intel. It will look good as a sticker on a box. It remains unclear why Intel decided to kill off the D2700 13W processor as we haven’t seen such an approach on Intel’s part before.

The official price for the Atom D2550 today is (not so cheap) $47 listed at the official price list.

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