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AMD not seeking additional 28nm suppliers

by on24 July 2012

TSMC and Glofo will have to handle shortage

AMD is not seeking to contract more foundry suppliers despite the ongoing 28nm shortage. The company will stick with TSMC and Globalfoundries for its foundry needs, at least for the time being.

Taiwan Economics News is reporting that AMD is planning to move part of its 28nm production to Globalfoundries in 2013, but TSMC will still be retained as a contract supplier. TSMC will churn out next generation Sea Islands GPUs, while Glofo will produce Kaveri APUs. TSMC is also said to be on track to win contracts for Kabini and Temash APUs in 2013.

AMD is currently primarily focused on 28nm and 32nm products, namely Southern Islands GPUs and 32nm SOI chips like Trinity APUs. However, 40nm is still in play after AMD ditched plans for Krishna and Wichita. As a result, TSMC will continue churning out 40nm Brazos 2.0 parts until Jaguar-based designs such as Temash and Kabini go online sometime in 2013. TSMC will start producing tablet oriented 40nm Hondo APUs later this year.

In any case AMD is confident that TSMC and Globalfoundries will manage to handle demand in 2012 and 2013, which is hardly surprising given recent economic woes and weak channel demand.

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