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Intel launches Ivy Bridge Core i3 CPUs

by on27 June 2012

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Only mobile for now

It was rumoured that Intel's Ivy Bridge Core i3 CPUs will ship on or about June 24th, and although it was not clear if we will see desktop or mobile parts, it appears that the date was correct. Intel has finally launched its third generation Core i3 CPUs but only for mobile market. The Core i3-3110M and the Core i3-3217U are both based on Intel's 22nm architecture and feature two cores, Intel HD 4000 Graphics and Hyper-threading.

When it comes to specs, the 2.4GHz clocked dual-core Core i3-3110M has 512kB (2x256kB) of L2 and 3MB of L3 cache, Intel HD 4000 Graphics and dual-channel DDR3-1600 memory. The Core i3-3110M supports hyper-threading, so you are looking at two cores and four threads, but lacks Intel's Turbo Boost technology and AES instructions. It is aimed at mainstream notebooks and has a 35W TDP.

The Core i3-3217U is an ULV dual-core CPU working at 1.8GHz. It is pretty much identical to the Core i3-3110M, so you are looking at 512MB of L2 cache and 3MB of L3 cache, same Intel HD 4000 graphics with somewhat lower clocks and hyper-threading. The low, 1.8GHz CPU clock sounds a tad bit too low but the 17W TDP is quite impressive since this one is aimed at Ultrabooks.

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