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AMD FX 8350 expected in Q3

by on26 June 2012

As are FX 6300 and 4320

AMD is working on three new Vishera platform Zambezi 32nm processors featuring enhanced turbo core technology. They are all developed in 32nm SOI technology, slapped in an AM3+ package and they are compatible with AM3+ motherboards, no surprise there.

As you can imagine there is an eight-core, six-core and a quad-core. They also come with DDR3 1866 support which is officially the highest speed supported by a retail product.

The top notch AMD FX 8350 is an eight-core with an unlocked multiplier and is faster than the 3.6GHz FX 8150. Its turbo speed is also faster than 4.2GHz that you also find at FX 8150, but as you’ve probably guessed by now, we don’t know the exact clocks. We can confirm that it will pack 16MB cache, that it has an unlocked multiplier and it should be at 125W TDP part.

It looks to us that it is coming in mid Q3 2012 so you should probably be able to get it before the back to school period or before fall (autumn) in the Northern hemisphere.

The FX 6300 is a six-core, basically a faster iteration of the 3.8GHz clocked FX 6200 and it’s turbo will work at more than 4.1GHz. It comes with 14MB cache as the two cores are disabled at this native eight core design and we suspect that this might be the first 4GHz natively six-core ever.

The FX 4320 is a quad-core and again it replaces a Zambezi quad-core called AMD FX 4170 clocked at 4.2GHz native and 4.3GHz with turbo overclocking and it will come with 12MB cache and 125W TDP.

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