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Nvidia wants a slice of the Windows Phone cake?

by on07 June 2012

Not a very big cake to begin with

Nvidia’s Tegra business seems to be on the up and up, as the company managed to secure some 30 phone design wins for Tegra 3, a significant increase over Tegra 2.

However, although it is doing quite well in the Android space, Nvidia seems to be interested in the emerging Windows market. However, Windows Phone is Qualcomm’s turf and as things stand now, it will remain so for the foreseeable future. Qualcomm was the exclusive chip supplier for all WP 7.x phones and it could continue its dominance in WP 8 phones.

Phil Carmack, Senior Vice President of Nvidia’s mobile business unit, told reporters that Nvidia has a lot of respect for Windows Phone and its potential.

"I love to work with Microsoft and we work with Microsoft on so many different levels that it would make a lot of sense to work together," he added.

Still, it seems very unlikely that we will see Tegra chips in Windows phones anytime soon. However, Nvidia chips could do pretty well in the Windows RT tablet space.

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