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Intel introduces dual-core Ivy Bridge chips

by on31 May 2012

22nm Ultrabooks in the pipeline

Intel launched the first quad-core Ivy Bridge parts last month and today it expanded its lineup with 14 dual-core mobile parts.

Of the 14, four fit into the ultrabook 17W thermal envelope, feature hyperthreading, turbo and HD 4000 graphics clocked at 350MHz to 1150MHz.

The Core i7-3667U is the fastest of the bunch, with a base CPU clock of 2GHz. It can hit 3.0GHz in dual-core turbo mode, or 3.2GHz in single-core mode. It features 4MB of L3 cache and it is priced at $346, which sounds pretty steep. The i7-3517U is a 1.9GHz part and its turbo clocks are 200MHz lower, while the rest of the spec is the same and we still don’t know its price.

The Core i5-3427U features a 1.8GHz base clock and it can hit 2.6/2.8GHz on turbo. It has 3MB of cache and the price is $225. It’s little brother, the Core i5-3317U, is a 1.7GHz part, with turbo clocks set at 2.4/2.6GHz. No word on price.

Intel’s chipset of choice for the new ultrabook Ivy range should be the UM77, with a TDP of 3W and average power consumption of just 0.84W.

Last modified on 31 May 2012
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