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Cedar Trail to last to Q1 2013

by on18 May 2012

Silvermont 22nm Atom in 2013

Intel Cedar Trail, in both the desktop and notebook variants, will most likely remain unchanged until the end of Q1 2013. After this date, there might be a chance for a new architecture based mobile Atom, but until then both N2800 and N2600 will remain the only choice.
N2800 a faster of two has two cores and four treads running at 2x1.83GHz, 1 MB cache and DDR3 1066 support. It has a TDP or 6.5W, just the CPU. Its graphics works at 640MHz. The slower of two the Atom N2600 also has two cores and four threads, 1MB cache, DDR3 800 support and 3.5W CPU that with chipset stays at really nice 5W TDP for the whole kit.

The good thing is that it plays Blu-Ray 2.0 and full HD remaining fanless, slick and thin. Its graphics core works at 400MHz. Both are 32nm parts and they will last more than a year, since the Cedar Trail platform and Cedar View processors were introduced in Q4 2011.

The successor codenamed Silvermont is a 22nm Atom architecture and is expected in 2013. If all goes well we might even see it in Q2 2013, but we don’t have any fix confirmation on this date, just that Silvermont 22nm Atom comes in 2013.

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