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AMD Virgo Trinity cores in production

by on04 April 2012

A10 and A8 shipping in Q2

Good news for people who are waiting to upgrade to AMD’s Virgo FM2 platform and Trinity processors. AMD has notified its partners that some new parts are already in production.

The most notable new processor is the A10 5800K that went out of the production sample phase in early February and it went into production in early March. A10 5700 was in production sample phase in mid-February and it entered production in mid March. A8 5600K is in production since early March as well,  while the A8 5500 is in production as of mid of last month.

A6 5400K and A4 5300 should enter production ready sample phase in early April and move to full scale production in April 2012. The current schedule is that A10 5800K, A10 5700, A8 5600K, A8 5500 start shipping in Q2 2012 while the last two A6 5400K and A4 5300 start shipping in Q3 2012.

Last modified on 04 April 2012
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