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AMD FX 8350 Vishera CPU production in Q3

by on09 March 2012

Eight cores and better scores

AMD flagship FX 8350, the one that will replace the current flagship in the AMD world known as FX 8150, will enter in production in Q3 2012. We don’t know if it can make it for a launch in the same quarter, but it looks like that is the plan.

Currently the new FX processor is expected as an engineering sample, and AMD tells its partners that this is expected to happen in early Q2 2012 and by early Q3 2012 it should get to production candidate sample stage.

It all goes well in Q3 2012 AMD enters production and launching this production whenever it feels like it has enough of them. AMD FX 8350 is based on eight Vishera 32nm cores that will support Enhanced AMD turbo core technology, DDR3 1866 and fit the same AM3+ socket. At this time AMD doesn’t mention any clocks.
It replaces FX 8150 clocked at 3.6GHz with 8 cores, 16MB cache and turbo ability to jump to 4.2GHz in needed. This one is based on 32nm Zambezi desktop bulldozer core. AMD FX8350 should upgrade the performance of AMD top category and Vishera cores are promising some better performance at the same clock.

In any case AMD top notch processor the FX 8150 is selling for a quite affordable €230.

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