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AMD E2 1800 is Brazos with HD 7340 graphics

by on06 March 2012

1.7GHz with new GPU

AMD is about to launch dual-core E2 1800 and dual-core E2 1200 APUs, successors to the highly successful Brazos E450/E350 chips.

The current plan is to see them in Q1 2012 which means they should launch by the end of the month. They can always get delayed and slip to the next quarter, but these are the most recent plans.

E2 1800 is a Zacate-based desktop APU stamped out in TSMC’s 40nm process, just like its predecessor. It is now clocked at 1.7GHz and comes as a dual-core with an 18W TDP. It comes with HD 7340 DirectX 11 graphics codenamed Loveland. The E2 1800 will replace E450 that has just 50MHz slower core clock, but older HD 6320 graphics core.

The new E2 1800 supports UVD 3 as well as DDR3 1066 and it comes in same old GBA, FT1 socket. The runner up is AMD E1 1200 a dual core at 1.4GHz with HD 7310 graphics and the same 18W TDP. The launch schedule is the same, Q1 2012. This APU replaces the E-300 dual core clocked at 1.3GHz, with HD6310 graphics.

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