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Intel's Atom SoC lineup detailed

by on27 February 2012

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Z2460 updated, Z2000 and Z2580 introduced

Intel didn't want to skip all that Mobile World Congress 2012 fun in Barcelona and it released some new information on its Atom SoC lineup, from high-end Atom Z2580 to low end Atom Z2000.

According to Anand, there has been a slight specification revision regarding the Atom Z2460 that was already detailed at CES 2012. Apparently, the Z2460 got boosted from 1.6GHz to 2.0GHz in Turbo mode while the default working frequency was left at 1.3GHz.

In addition to the small Z2460 update, Intel has actually revealed its entire lineup of Atom SoC CPU ranging from low-end Atom Z2000, over mid-range Atom Z2460 to high-end Atom Z2580. Intel also shed some light regarding the basebands that will accompany these Atom SoC chips.

The low-end Intel Atom Z2000 SKU packs single Atom core and has a max clock set at 1GHz and lacks support for Hyper Threading. The GPU is the same PowerVR SGX 540 seen with the Z2460, but at lower 320MHZ GPU clock. The Z2000 will be able to decode 1080p video but encoding is limited to 720p. The Z2000 is scheduled for 1H 2013 and will be paired up with Intel's XMM6265 HSPA+ baseband.

The more interesting is the high-end Intel Atom Z2580 SKU that should come together with the mid-range Atom Z2460 part in 1H of 2012. The Atom Z2580 is clocked at same 1.3GHz base clock as the Z2460 but has a slightly slower 1.8GHz Turbo. On the other hand, the high-end Atom Z2580 will be paired up with PowerVR SGX 544MP2 GPU working at 533MHz. The Atom Z2580 will be paired up with Intel's XMM 7160 LTE baseband.

You can check out more details here.

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