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AMD Trinity lineup detailed

by on13 February 2012

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Up to 4.2GHz, 384 Radeon Cores 2.0 at 100W TDP managed to score more details on AMD's upcoming A10-, A8-, A6- and A4- Trinity APUs that will be a part of the Virgo FM2 platform. The specs don't look to shabby and it appears that Trinity will certainly pack a punch with up to 4.2GHz Boost CPU clock, up to 800MHz GPU clock, up to 384 GCN stream processors and all at reasonable 100W TDP.

The full lineup starts with the flagship A10-5800K Black Edition quad-core APU that features HD 7660D graphics, has 4MB of L2 cache, and works at 3.8GHz base and 4.2GHz boost CPU clock. The GPU part of this APU, named HD 7660D features 384 GCN stream processors (or Radeon Cores 2.0, as AMD calls them now) and works at 800MHz. The A10-5800K is closely followed by non-Black Edition A10-5700 quad-core APU that features the same GPU but has slightly lower clocks for both CPU, 3.4GHz/4.0GHz, and GPU part, set at 760MHz. This one, on the other hand, also has a lower 65W TDP.

The A8- Trinity lineup also has two quad-core models, the A8-5600K and the A8-5500. As you can guess from model names, the A8-5600K is a Black Edition part, while A8-5500 will lack that sticker. Both models feature the same HD 7560D GPU clocked at 760MHz with 256 Radeon Cores 2.0. The A8-5600K is a 100W TDP part with 3.6GHz base and 3.9GHz boost CPU clocks while the A8-5500 will have to settle with 3.2GHz and 3.7GHz CPU clock.

The lonely A6-5400K and A4-5300 dual-core Trinity parts will both feature 1MB of L2 cache and the same 65W TDP. The A6-5400K Black Edition packs HD 7540D GPU part with 192 GCN stream processors while the A4-5300 will feature HD 7480D GPU with 128 GCN stream processors. Since dual-core Trinity APUs are scheduled for the Q3 2012, the precise clocks for both GPU and CPU are still unknown.

The A4-5300 is also the only part to support DDR3-1600 memory, while the rest of the lineup will be quite happy with up to DDR3-1866 memory.

Now all we need is to wait for the Q2 of this year in order to see those new Trinity parts in real-world action, but the specs are promising to say the least.

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