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Intel demonstration was a video

by on11 January 2012

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CES 2012: Fail safe said it was a video

Ivy Bridge demonstration was a video. It was spotted by a few editors and after checking the lead up, we can now confirm that the boys were right. Mooly Eden ended up with Ivy Bridge video of Formula 1 game.

We heard that video was a failsafe mechanism that companies sometimes have at keynotes, in case that something goes wrong. In fact, there is a good chance that the Vice president with a hat, Mr. Eden, wasn’t even aware that he was switched back to video.

We don’t know what went wrong and why they did a video and not a live feed. While it may have been a driver related issue, it made Mooly Eden look like Milly Vanilli and we are sure he was not the least bit happy about the whole thing.

Stil,l sources close to Intel tell us that Ivy Bridge is shipping to partners and that it launches inside many desktop and notebook systems in April and a bit later for dual cores.

Intel made a scandal of a CES 2012 so far, and it is currently dodging all kind of conspiracy teories that were born after the video.

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