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AMD silently rolls out new mobile Llanos

by on08 December 2011

Speed bumps and one entirely new model

Without making much of a fuss, AMD added seven new mobile Llano APUs to its product information page a few days ago.

Six of the new parts offer a 100MHz speed bump over existing APUs of the same series. The fastest quad core is now the A8-3550MX, clocked at 2GHz, or 2.7GHz on Turbo, while the fastest dual-core is the 2.2GHz A4-3330MX. Since we are talking about incremental speed boosts, cache size, TDPs and graphics cores remained unchanged.

There is one exception though, the humble A4-3305M. This is a 1.9GHz dual-core part that can Turbo up to 2.5GHz. It only has 1MB of cache, while other dual-core Llanos feature 2MB. Furthermore, it has a stripped down HD 6480G graphics core, with 160 shaders rather than 240 found on other A4-series Llanos. However, the GPU is clocked at 593MHz, much faster than 444MHz on standard HD 6480G cores. We are not sure why AMD even retained the HD 6480G on this part. In any case the A4-3305M seems to be a rather interesting entry level part.

There is still no word on pricing or launch dates, but it is safe to assume the new Llanos will cost as much as their predecessors and we should see them take their place in notebooks within weeks.

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