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AMD reportedly cancels Krishna, Wichita

by on16 November 2011


Short lifespan not worth the bother

AMD has apparently cancelled Krishna and Wichita due to manufacturing issues.

According to SemiAccurate, AMD chose to shelve the designs in favor of a Brazos refresh in early 2012. It all comes down to Globalfoundries schedules. The foundry won’t be ready for 28nm SHP production until mid-2012, which would give Krishna and Whichita a pretty short lifespan of about six months.

Charlie reckons OEMs wouldn’t be too keen to choose products with such a short life cycle and AMD is thus better off shifting resources to more advanced designs that could be ready by the end of 2012.

According to reports out of Taiwan earlier this year TSMC, the maker of current generation 40nm APUs, was tapped to be the primary Krishna/Wichita supplier in early 2012, with Globalfoundries coming on line later in the year. It seems these plans are now dead in the water.

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