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Sandy Bridge E starts at $294

by on27 September 2011

Goes all the way to $999
Sandy Bridge E is going to launch in Q4 2011 and we got some latest price and specs of these three new CPUs. Let’s start from the cheapest one.

Core i7 3820 is a quad-core version with eight tread support that works at 3.6GHz and supports turbo overclocking. It comes with 10MB of cache and LGA2011 socket. It will be the cheapest Sandy Bridge E and will sell for $294 but it comes locked and probably won’t be that great for overclocking.

The second in line is $583 priced Core i7 3930K, as K stands for overclocking, you can expect an unlocked processor. This K letter and two additional cores will cost you almost 100 percent more from i7 3920. This is a six core with twelve treads processor, clocked at 3.2GHz but with turbo it can go much higher. It has 12MB cache and supports X79 and LGA2011 socket. Price of an unlocked processor in Sandy Bridge E world is quite high.

The most expensive is Core i7 3960X and this one will sell for standard $999. This CPU and the rest of the platform comes as a replacement of long overdue Core i7 990X a six core, twelve treads 3.46GHz clocked LGA 1366 processor, that will end up slower than Core i7 3960X clocked at 3.3GHz.

Core i7 3960X extreme expensive edition and the other two LGA2011 processors will ship in Q4 2011, but we still don’t have better date than that.
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