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High performance 20nm chips slated for 2014

by on30 August 2011

To replace 28nm, 32nm processes
Gregg Bartlett, Globalfoundries Senior VP of Technology and Integration Engineering, just showed that 28nm production will become available for SHP, or Super High Performance, in 2012.

Currently 32nm SHP is available and it will be replaced with 20nm. SHP is what GPUs of the future might use and probably some future CPUs in 28nm. In 2014, this SHP will get replaced with 20nm SHP.

This means that we will be stuck at 28nm a bit longer than expected, at anyone who is not Intel will be. Intel goes 22nm in the first half of 2012 and starts production in late 2011, more or less today. AMD as a lead customer might be having some serious catching up issues unless 28nm gets really competitive versus 22nm. We still have to see 28nm CPU from AMD, and this only happens in 2012, with entry-level Krishna APUs.

With 20nm in 2014 this probably means that 14 nm only comes in 2016 following the current two year transition cycle.
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