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Juicy Bulldozer design details emerge

by on23 August 2011

Four dual-core modules, new Turbo, memory controller
AMD has leaked more slides on upcoming Bulldozer parts and they offer a rare glimpse into Bulldozers internal design and new features.

The eight-core Bulldozer consists of four dual-core modules with 2MB of L2 cache each. The integrated Northbridge features an additional 8MB of L3 cache, tow 72-bit DDR3 memory channels and for 16-bit HyperTransport links.

Bulldozer will also feature next generation Turbo Core technology, allowing it to individually boost separate modules in lightly threaded workloads, or boost all cores to a lesser extent in heavily threaded applications.

AMD promises superior power efficiency and a few tweaks over its previous flagship CPUs, since Bulldozer is its first all-new architecture in years and hopefully it will manage to challenge Intel on its home turf.

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