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Trinity to have low TDP

by on27 July 2011

50% less when compared to Llano
According to the statements made by AMD's Thomas Seifert in a recent conference call, it appears that AMD's upcoming Trinity APU will cut power consumption by half, despite the preformance increase over current Llano APU.

Of course, as it was case with Llano, there will definitely be a couple of Trinity APU SKUs and we are not sure which one are they talking about. However, the statement that a version of Trinity APU will consume less than 50% of the power of today's lowest consuming, 35W, Llano APU, is quite impressive.

As it was already detailed a while back, Trinity is AMD's next gen APU that will feature improved Bulldozer x86 core paired up with a next gen Radeon graphics engine.

AMD didn't reveal any more details regarding the Trinity APU but those low power, higher performance claims certainly sound good. Of course, Trinity is scheduled for 2012 and we will surely have more rumors and details concerning this APU by then.

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Last modified on 27 July 2011
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