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No triple-core Llano from AMD

by on22 July 2011

A6-3500 gone mysteriously as it showed up
Our sources close to AMD are claiming that there won't be a triple-core A6-3500 SKU after all. We saw it already and heard about it from a couple of reports and roadmaps, but currently our sources are telling us that there is no plan for triple-core SKUs and there never was.

As you already know, the A6-3500 is pretty much identical to the quad-core A6-3600 as it has the same GPU part, same clocks but with one core less. Currently sources close to AMD are claiming that AMD never planned such a SKU for desktop Llano lineup, but we guess that there had to be some talks about it as our sources usually forward info that they hear directly from AMD. In past, AMD always pushed faulty quads to triple-cores but it looks like that this time this won't happen, at least not with desktop Llano.

We have also seen some early samples of the mentioned triple-core A6-3500 and there has been some testing of it as well. Unfortunately, it looks like AMD wants to push quad-cores and if you are aiming for cheaper then you'll have to settle for dual-core parts.

On the other hand, we are still waiting for the rest of the desktop Llano lineup to show up in retail/e-tail, and we were told that things should ramp up in July, or at least these few days that are left of July.

Last modified on 22 July 2011
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