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AMD's dual-core desktop Llano detailed

by on08 July 2011

The E2-3200 ticks at 2.4GHz
We managed to get some additional info on AMD's dual-core desktop Llano APU, the E2-3200. Altough this one will probably come sometime in Q4, or after the dual core A4-series APUs, it is still nice that we can finally confirm some specs.

The E2-3200 is a dual-core Llano desktop part that works at 2.4GHz, has 1MB of L2 cache and a 65W TDP. The graphics part of this APU is called HD 6370D and as far as we can see it is pretty much on par with the one in the A4-3300 called HD 6410D except for Dual Graphics support. The APU supports 1600MHz DDR3 memory.

The Radeon HD 6370D in the E2-3200 has 160 stream processors and a 443MHz GPU clock. Basically it sounds like two HD 6250 parts found in Brazos APUs. Unlike the rest of the E-series of APUs that are based on FT1 package, this one joins the rest of the A-series with FM1 package. It also has no support for AMD Turbo Core.

Bear in mind that this part should be dirt cheap and considering the price of the first desktop Llano quad-core chips we might see some interesting prices once all of these dual-core APUs hit retail/e-tail shelves.

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