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AMD's Zambezi up and running at E3

by on08 June 2011

8-core and 4-core FX series
In addition to the official announcement of the FX brand revival at E3, AMD also showcased live demos of gaming PCs running 8-core FX Black Edition and 4-core FX CPUs as well as the final box art designs.

It is quite clear that AMD didn't expect the unfortunate delays of Zambezi CPUs based on the Bulldozer architecture and has probably made the demo just to show that everything is not as grim as it seems. So, despite revealing official AMD Bulldozer architecture whitepaper, final box designs for the 8-core FX Black Edition and the quad-core FX CPU, the cherry on top was the eight-core FX Black Edition runing on Asus' Crosshair V Formula motherboard with a HD 6900 series graphics card.

Some details regarding the actual CPU have been pixellized by the guys at but considering that the temperature was at 19°C and the VID voltage is at 1.4V, you might want to take these numbers with a fistful rather than pinch of salt. It is interesting to see that each of the eight cores ran on its own multiplier value and own clock ranging from 1GHz to 3.2GHz.

You can check out the boxes, including the nice looking metal canister for the 8-core FX Black Edition, as well as the rest of the pictures over at

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