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AMD Fusion strategy leaked

by on27 May 2011

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AMD is gearing up to kick of several Fusion launch events over the next few weeks and a leaked presentation offers a sneak peek into AMD’s long term Fusion plans.

AMD will offer five series of Fusion APUs for various market segments, starting with the ultra power efficient G-series parts for the embedded market, C-series chips for ultra mobile notebooks and E-series for thin and light notebooks. The A-series is reserved for upcoming Llano APUs.

As you probably know, the fist Bobcat based APUs from these three series are already out, but AMD is also promising to deliver Z-series parts for tablets. We will talk a bit more about the Z-series in a separate article.

As for Llano, A4 and A6 series APUs should take on Intel Core i3 and some Core i5 processors, while the A8 will slug it out with faster Core i5 and Core i7 processors. E-series Llano APUs are pitted against Pentiums, while Brazos APUs are to compete with Atom processors, and so far they are doing quite well.

Interestingly, AMD promises to deliver superior battery life on Llano processors and it claims that an A8-3510MX APU should deliver 10:48hrs of battery life, while a similar system based on Intel’s Core i5-2410M offers 6:48hrs. AMD is marketing its 2011 mobile platforms as AllDay Power platforms to capitalize on these impressive figures, but bear in mind that this is an AMD presentation rather than an independent review, so take the results with a grain of salt.

AMD currently estimates the number of Fusion 2011 design wins at 145 and with more chips to come over the next few months, the number can only go up.

You can check out the slides here.
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