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Next next 22nm Atom is Silvermont

by on19 May 2011

Replaces 32nm Cedar Trail in 2013
Intel's Cedar Trail platform is powered by Cedar View mobile and desktop CPUs and the group name for the architecture is Saltwell. This is what Intel recently shared with its investors.

As we already said on several occasions, Cedar Trail Atoms are coming in Q4 2011 and they should last the whole 2012. The plan is to replace them with Silvermont 22nm Atoms in 2013 and you can expect better integration, faster cores and faster graphics. Only one year after that the next, next, next generation Atom comes in 14nm process with the codename Airmont. The year 2014 looks quite distant from now, and Airmont will have a tough job to fight against future generation of ARM architecture, beyond ARM 15.

By this time there should be many tablets and phones with quad-core CPUs inside, even though that might look like overkill from this point. Intel doesn’t plan to give up and after Ivy Bridge 22nm real man CPU for desktop, notebooks and server comes the Haswell new 22nm architecture that should debut in 2H 2012 and last the whole 2013 and in 2014 will get shrink to 14nm.

You can check out some nice slides and additional details here.

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