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Atom N2600 mobile 1.6GHz dual

by on17 May 2011

3.5W and 400MHz graphics
Intel did a good job on Cedarview-M 32nm Atoms and according to the specs we've seen, the slower of the two, Atom N2600 can hit the familiar 1.6GHz and still maintain 3.5W TDP for its two cores.

New Atom packs 1MB of L2 cache as well as two cores and four thread support. Unlike N2800, which supports DDR3 1066 and has Graphics media accelerator 5650 clocked at 640MHz, the N2600 supports DDR3 800 and Graphics media accelerator 5600 clocked at 400MHz.

The launch schedule puts it in Q4 2011 and this processor can give Atom based netbooks a new lease of life. With TDP at 3.5, it can seriously threaten 45nm Oak Trail (Lincroft) tablet CPUs. Oak Trail has a TDP of 3W but it only has one core and two thread support.

You can imagine that Oak Trail will get its own version based on Cedarview-M architecture, just tweaked further to fit the tablet needs. This will obviously happen in 2012 as so far Oak Trail is Intel’s only tablet CPU planned for this year.

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