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AMD Llano to boast HD 6550 graphics core

by on03 May 2011

400 stream processors at 594MHz
AMD’s upcoming Llano APU is said to feature embedded HD 6550 graphics on a single die and the core will offer some interesting capabilities.

The HD 6550 features 400 shaders clocked at 594MHz, but it will also be able to run in a sort of bastard Hybrid Crossfire with HD 6670 or HD 6570 discrete cards, based on the new Turks core. Once the embedded GPU starts working with the discrete one, the system will recognize the graphics hardware as a Radeon HD 6690. Such a setup would feature a total of 880 cores, which should be enough for mainstream-class performance.

As the HD 6550 is integrated into the same die as the CPU core, it will be able to assist the x86 cores with serial processing loads. At the moment AMD is planning to use system memory for the HD 6550, but it might add SidePort memory later on.

Compared to Intel’s Sandy Bridge, the Llano should have about the same die size and both processors feature about one billion transistors. However, Sandy Bridge is much more focused on the x86 side of things, while Llano uses a larger proportion of the die for graphics and media features.

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