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AMD readies more Ontario APUs

by on18 April 2011

C-60 to feature Turbo Core, higher clocks
AMD is preparing to introduce a new Fusion SKU with a rather interesting twist. The dual-core C-60 is set to lessen the gap between the C-50 and E-350, thanks to Turbo Boost support.

Like the C-50, the C-60 is clocked at 1GHz and its HD 6290 graphics core runs at 276MHz. However, with turbo the clocks can be pushed up to 1.33GHz and 400MHz for the CPU and GPU respectively, while the C-60 stays within the 9W TDP envelope.

For comparison, the E-350 runs at 1.6GHz and has a somewhat more powerful graphics core, clocked at 492MHz. However, the E-350 is an 18W part and with that in mind the C-60 looks rather impressive.

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