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Sandy Bridge CULV in Q3 2011

by on06 April 2011

Dual Core 1.1GHz mobile Celeron
After a long time, Intel has decided to release a new CULV processor. We are talking about a successor to Intel Celeron processor Mobile ULV 743 and 763 processors, and the new one will finally get a second core.

The name is Celeron Ultra low voltage (CULV) 847 and this CPU finally has two cores and two tread support. The 847 works at a rather modest 1.1GHz and doesn't have any turbo support, so Turbo overclocking will remain a toy reserved for more expensive parts.

Of course this is a mobile CPU and it normally sells only inside notebooks, but some parts might actually hit the free sales. The Celeron Ultra low voltage (CULV) 847 has 2MB cache, two times more than previous CULV and when it launches in Q2 2011 it will sell for $134. Just for reference Celeron Ultra low voltage (CULV) 867 single core at 1.4GHz currently sells for $107.

Yet another confusing part is that Celeron Ultra low voltage (CULV) U3600 also has two cores, 1.2GHz clock and no turbo and still sells for $134. This CPU is 100MHz faster and yet costs the same. It didn't take a long time to find out that Celeron Ultra low voltage (CULV) U3600 is based on Nehalem architecture while the new Celeron Ultra low voltage (CULV) 847 is Sandy Bridge part.
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