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Sandy Bridge ULV leader is i7 2657M

by on24 February 2011

Q2 2011 at 1.6GHz + turbo
The new performance leader in the sub-17W Ultra Low Voltage market is naturally based on the new Sandy Bridge Core i7 mobile processor. It comes in Q2 2011 branded as Core i7 2657M.

This new CPU is a dual-core and it has four thread support and a base frequency of 1.6 GHz. Of course, it supports Turbo overclocking but at this time we do not know what are the maximum possible clocks. We expect it to go over 2.5GHz.

It does come with 4MB of cache and will sell for $317when it launches in Q2 2011. Note however that this price is valid only if you buy 1000 or more units.

This CPU replaces Arrandale 32nm based Core i7 680UM CPU with the base clock of 1.46GHz, 4MB and Turbo.

Last modified on 24 February 2011
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