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High End Sandy Bridge E in at least three SKUs

by on21 February 2011

All in Q4 2011
We have mentioned the socket LGA2011 and that the recently launched Core i7 990X will be replaced by Sandy Bridge E high end CPUs.

This won’t be the only CPU to get replaced in Q4 2011. The Core i7 990X is the last stop for Intel’s six-core Gulftown architecture and Sandy Bridge E definitely sounds 32nm to us. Core i7 970 also gets replaced with a Sandy Bridge E but we don’t know any specifics or the exact spec.

The recently introduced Core i7 2600K unlocked Sandy Bridge Socket 1155 will also be replaced by a similar iteration of Sandy Bridge E 2011.

This happens before Q4 2011, the alleged launch timeframe for Ivy Bridge, but we also know the new 22nm part won’t get to the real high end. The overclocking high-end market remains reserved for socket LGA2011 parts.
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