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OMAP 5 5432 goes after mobile computing

by on07 February 2011

DDR3 for notebook likes
Texas Instruments' OMAP 5 consists of two chips, one is Area sensitive (Smartphone, Tablets) targeting OMAP 5430 that we described earlier and the other one carries the OMAP 5432 designation. The other chip aims for Cost Sensitive (mobile computing, consumer) segment, claims Texas instrument on its website.

The mains difference between chips is the packaging as the “notebook” version of OMAP 5432 is 17x17mm chip with 754 balls (the same things that Intel uses on its CPUs, evolution of a pin). The numbers sounds familiar from previous AMD models. The chip is bigger than the mobile version and likely can take some higher power consumption.

The 2.0GHz speed for the Cortex A15 seems to apply to both parts, as well as multi-core 2D and 3D graphics with acceleration and both chips can play 1080p60 multi standard in 2D and 1080p30 multi standard in 3D.

The bigger of the two, OMAP 5432 supports up to 20MP cameras with 3x CSI-2 + CPI interfaces which is less advanced then Smartphone or tablet version but it supports two times DDR3 / DDR3L memory. This clearly hints that this product goes after mobiles and possible even low desktop computers. This is depending on the operating system of course and by the time this chip hits the market, which Brian Carlson, the product manager claims its 2012, there might be even some Windows 8 that can run ARM.

Just to make it sexier lets mention wireless display technology and wireless connectivity, USB 3.0, SATA 2.0, SD3.0, eMMC, LTE multi standard modem support, HDMI 1.4a, DSI/DPI for up to 3X LCD and one HDMI TV, three cameras as well as cool battery management, power management as well as twl audio management.

You can see the specs and three cute videos here.

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