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Ivy Bridge 22nm comes in 1H 2012

by on21 January 2011
Maho Bay chipset, Panther Point PCH
According to the most recent roadmap Intel shows to its customers, it looks like the upcoming Ivy Bridge 22nm architecture is scheduled for 1H 2012. The production, if Intel's CEO is a reliable source, should start in Q4 this year, 2011, while availability should be expected in 2012. This is what Paul Otellini said back at IDF 2010.

You can expect to see Ivy Bridge roughly a year after Sandy Bridge January 5th launch. The desktop platform around this new CPU is called Maho Bay and the chipset that will power it is Panther Point PCH. Naturally there will be a mobile version as well.

The graphics is still a part of CPU and it is a DMI chipset and has FDI support. Last time we checked FDI standard for Flexible Display Interface, something that enables you two or more display outs.

Intel promises much better energy efficiency and this is natural as we are talking about 22nm transistors and a lot of optimisation.

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