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Intel's i7 990X six-core comes in Q1 2011

by on23 November 2010

3.46 to 3.73GHz with Turbo

Back in August, we wrote about the Intel's next generation Westmere 32nm based six-core branded as Core i7 990X Extreme (Expensive) Edition.

We said that the CPU has a 3.46GHz stock clock and the ability to OC all the way to 3.73GHz for some of all six-cores it has. We also told you that this 130W CPU has three channel DDR3 memory support and total of 12MB cache. Let's not forget that people who get this $999+ part will end up with a twelve hyper-treaded, pretend to be real, cores.

It is 32nm but it doesn’t have any integrated graphics but we can tell you that in is planned to see this new CPU in Q1 2011. Memory freaks won’t be thrilled with joy to learn that fastest Intel CPU will officially only support DDR3 1066 and unofficially of course well over 1333MHz.

There is an indication that after Q2 2011 there might be a new, faster version of Westmere-based Extreme Edition six-cores but there are no any assurances at this time.

Last modified on 24 November 2010
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