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AMD Terramar CPU has 20 cores

by on16 November 2010

In 2012, Sever, 32nm

An archtecture that is only two years behind its schedule and that we will hopefully see in 2011 codenamed Bulldozer will expand to as many as 20 cores in 2012. This is of course assuming that there won't be any additional delays.

According to AMD officials, the server version of Bulldozer is slated for introduction in the second half of 2011, which means the server part should show up before the end of next year.

The server codename for 2P and 4P enterprise mainstream platform is Interlagos and this Bulldozer based CPU has 8/12 or 16 cores depending on the SKU. It also comes with 4x HT-3 (6.4GT support) as well as quad DDR3 channel support.

The future, or should we say 2012 brings a new codename to the game. Terramar is a next generation CPU based on as many as 20 Bulldozer cores. Sitges-Terramar was the home of Spanish Barcelona (Circuit de Catalonia) F1 track.

The other server part with up to 10 cores based on Bulldozer is codenamed Sepang, also comes in 2012 and it replaces Valencia 6 to 8 bulldozer part scheduled to launch in second half of 2012. Sepang is a home of F1 International circuit also known as Malaysian grand prix.

If you didnt know it by now, AMD Sever team is all about Formula 1, and AMD still sponsors Ferarri team, despite its losses and inability to turn a profit.
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