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New Cedar Trail Atom in Q4 2011

by on08 November 2010

Pineview to last till then

The current Atom platform is based on two chips, the CPU and the southbridge part of the chipset. It has lower bill of materials (BOM) cost than the first generation Atom and according to Intel, it is just enough for basic computing. Many people know it as Pineview and the next one to come in Q4 2011 is codenamed Cedarview.

On the desktop side it fits in all-in-ones (AIO), small form factor PCs and mini-ITX boards.

The Pine Trail D platform already has graphics on the same chip and VGA support, but the next generation Cedarview D platform will also get better media support. You can expect full support for HD including 1080P, an HD decoder for all popular formats that will play Blu-ray just fine and you will get HDMI and native Display Port support.

On a notebook side, LVDA and eDP will find their way in this new chip. The launch schedule is Q4 2011, and this is the first time we heard Intel talking to wider circle of its partners. We wrote our first details about Cedarview a year ago, and the links are just below.

Cedarview-D platform TDP is under 10W

Cedarview Atom 2011 has HD support

Cedarview 2011 ATOM CPU to be faster than Pineview

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