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Mobile Extreme edition i7 940XM comes in Q3 2010

by on02 July 2010

Quad core clocks to 3.33GHz

It’s big, it's hot, it's TDP is55W but it will be by far the fastest CPU ever to land in a notebook. Currently Intel sells Core i7 Extreme edition i7 920XM clocked at 2.0GHz with 3.2GHz core clock with turbo overclocking and this will all change in Q3 2010.

The new CPU comes with Core i7 940XM name, it is a quad core mobile Extreme edition CPU with four cores and eight threads support. The official clock is 2.13GHz but with the help of turbo this CPU can work all the way to 3.33GHz.

The memory of choice is DDR3 1333 and the CPU has 8MB of cache. At launch it will most likely inherited the $1054 price from 920XM CPU and the introduction date might be as early as next week at Germanys Games Convention, but this is not something we can confirm.

This will be the fastest CPU to launch for notebook and at least in this year, there should not be any six-core mobile CPU’s as 55W from this quad core monster is hot enough for any kind of notebook / gaming desktop replacement.

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