Microsoft backs AMD's move into AI
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Friday, 05 May 2023 11:12

Microsoft backs AMD's move into AI

Creating an Athena chip

Software King of the World Microsoft is helping finance AMD's expansion into AI chips. Meanwhile, AMD is working with Microsoft to create an in-house chipset, codenamed Athena, for the software giant's data centres.

AMD confirms mainstream RX 7000 series for Q2 2023
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Might be more than just the RX 7600

During the Q1 2023 earning call, AMD CEO and President, Dr. Lisa Su, confirmed that mainstream Radeon RX 7000 series graphics cards will launch this quarter.

AMD releases its first quarter 2023 financial results
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Down by a couple of points

AMD has announced its Q1 2023 financial results, reporting a revenue of $5.35 billion, and a slight drop across the entire report. More importantly, AMD's Data Center and Embedded segment brought more than 50 percent of revenue in the first quarter.

AM5 motherboard vendors release new BIOS downloads
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Keeping AMD from getting a bit too hot

Motherboard makers have quickly responded to ‘Ryzen burn out’ issues and issued new BIOS downloads to fix the problem.

AMD Radeon RX 7600 XT allegedly launches on May 25
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Reviews are to go live on May 24th

According to the latest leak, AMD could launch its mid-range Radeon RX 7600 XT on May 25th, with reviews going live just a day earlier, on May 24th.

AMD officially announces Ryzen Z1 series processors
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Zen 4 and RDNA 3 for handheld PC gaming consoles

AMD has now officially announced the new Ryzen Z1 series processors, including the Ryzen Z1 and the Ryzen Z1 Extreme. The Ryzen Z1 series processors are based on the latest Zen 4 CPU and RDNA 3 GPU architectures, as well as offer all the AMD Radeon features, including AMD Radeon Super Resolution, Radeon Chill, Radeon Image Sharpening, AMD Link, and more.

Ryzen 7000X3D could have heating problems
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Tuesday, 25 April 2023 10:58

Ryzen 7000X3D could have heating problems

Fire caused by abnormal voltage issues

Reddit and YouTube have been posting about problems with AMD's newest Ryzen 7000X3D processors.

AMD could show Radeon RX 7600 at Computex show
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Might hold the Radeon RX 7800/7700 series for now

According to the latest information, it appears that AMD might show the Radeon RX 7600 series at the Computex 2023 show.

AMD announces Radeon Pro W7900 and W7800 workstation GPUs
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AMD RDNA 3 goes Radeon Pro

AMD has officially announced its newest Radeon Pro graphics cards that will be a part of the new Radeon Pro W7000 series, the AMD Radeon Pro W7900 and the Radeon Pro W7800. Both will be based on AMD's new RDNA 3 architecture, and promise to deliver significantly higher performance than the previous generation and exceptional performance-per-dollar compared to the competitive offering.

AMD mocks Nvidia’s memory size
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Thursday, 13 April 2023 11:50

AMD mocks Nvidia’s memory size

Have you been swimming?

AMD issued a blog post yesterday, right before the launch of the RTX 4070 mocking NVIDIA’s “lackluster” GDDR6 and GDDR6X memory sizes on its RTX 30/40 series graphics cards.